About this website

About the silly person who designed and coded this website,
and the very nice people who contributed.

The silly person who designed and coded this website.

He was once an IB psychology student, from South Island School in Hong Kong. He felt the need of some sort of a database where he can constantly refer back to for studies, Learning Objectives and stuff like that.. and he wished for one to have existed.
After the course he made his wish come true.

The very nice people who contributed.

Knowing or unknowingly, he procured course notes from some of his classmates and tidied them up for the purpose of the website. He hereby would like to thank all of them who contributed including Ernest, Derek, Risayo, Sirena, Hilda, Teriya and most importantly the South Island School psychology department and his teacher Ms Kripalani.


If you find any problem regarding the content or weird glyphs around the website, please don’t hesitate and email me to let me know. The site can only grow better with your help.