The Guide

The legendary self-proclaimed ultimate guide for IB psychology.
Nah not really, but I guess its useful at times.

The website.

This website is a mere guide on Learning Outcomes and notes on Research Studies. They are nowhere near as detailed enough to be your essay plans. Use the information here as references of which you can refer to when needed.

Learning outcomes.

Otherwise know as LOs, not to be confused with LOAs. There is a list of learning outcomes under each level of analysis. You can find the information you need based on the learning outcome you are currently studying for.

These LOs will be the questions on your exam papers, the distribution of questions can be viewed here. An LO with a 22 mark command term can come up as an 8 mark question, but the reverse can not be done.

Research studies.

Research studies are crucial for the essay responses you write. Your 8 mark essays should reference 1 or 2 studies to support your response and 3 to 4 studies for a 22 mark one.

You should use the studies at your benefit of answering the LO and the specific command term of the question. Sometimes, the full study is not necessarily required, specially for long studies like the Stanford Prison Experiment, or Rosenhan’s On Being Sane in Insane Places I .

Pick out key elements of the study according to the question (e.g. the evaluative points for an Evaluate question and the differences in a Distinguish/Contrast question) and focus on them in detail. The rest of the study can be written relatively briefly for the purpose of gaining some knowledge marks.

This is how a research study looks like on the website.

Researcher’s name – Name of the study
[A] This is the Aim of the research study.
  • This is the
  • Procedure
  • of the
  • study
  • This is the Findings
  • of the study
  • This is the Conclusion
  • of the study
  • This is the Evaluation of the study
  • An 8 mark response will not require an evaluation

Most of the studies you will ever need are listed on the website, making it difficult, at times, to find the one you want. Simply navigate your way to the LO, hit ⌘F / Ctrl F and enter in keywords e.g. “water” or “shower” for Dickerson et al‘s Take Shorter Shower study.